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  • Mariah Swigart

10 DIY Vinyl crafts for Back to School

Updated: Feb 26

1. Backpack Notebooks Hats, Oh My!

Customizing your student’s school gear with their favorite animal shape will have them “roaring” for the school year to start! To create the dinosaur shaped vinyl additions to backpacks, hats, or notebooks follow the tutorial from this blog post and choose from the many different colors and patterns we offer at Heat Transfer Haus.

2. Stylish Shirts

Don’t wait for class shirts from the school, create your own with vinyl sheets! Simply make your own design, flip-it, cut, and iron it! Check out this video tutorial to make the process easy.

3. Pencil Pouches

Your student can organize their school supplies in style with a custom-made pencil pouch. To create the pouch shown, use glitter vinyl. Other vinyl such as pattern or metalic vinyl adds an equal amount of pop to any pouch. To view the tutorial for the pencil pouch above click here.

4. Personalized Clip Board


A clip board can be used for many back to school tasks. From new chore charts, to school calendars, and all the many uses in class. Make the work even more fun with a clip board that displays personality and flare! Vinyl is a great way to transform any clip board by using the patterns and designs at heat transfer haus. See a full tutorial to transform a clipboard click here.

5. Custom Lanyard

Many schools require students to wear ID badges around their necks with the use of lanyards. Older students may also use a lanyard to keep track of the house keys when they need to walk home. Those badges and keys can be hard to keep track of, however with a custom lanyard, those important items will have even more meaning to your student and hopefully less likelihood of getting lost. Just a little bit of vinyl and a basic lanyard is all this craft needs. Follow the complete tutorial at afewshortcuts.


6. Personalized Water Bottle

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the temperatures have subsided. Keeping your kids hydrated at school and throughout the fall is an important and sometimes difficult task to achieve. To make the water needs even easier, add your child’s name on the outside of the bottle. Use basic letters or their favorite clip art to tell the water bottles apart and encourage your kids to enjoy keeping their water close. Follow the tutorial at afewshortcuts.com.

7. Shoes in Style

Back to school shopping often includes new shoes. Instead of spending a fortune on those overpriced styles, customize simple styles to match your child’s likes. This tutorial adds a cat face and ears to the toe of basic Ked Shoes, but the possibilities of shoe customizations are endless. Make stripes of school colors, animals shapes, or even a patterned vinyl for a great back to school shoe.


8. Teacher Gifts

Send your child on their first day with a teacher gift that they will use all year long. Speaking from experience, teacher’s LOVE travel coffee mugs! When the mugs are custom made with the teacher’s name, school, or grade it is truly a perfect gift. Choose your favorite color for the vinyl letters and follow the steps at Ginger Snap Crafts to bring a smile to someone’s face.

9. Homework Space

Having an organized workspace at home to study and complete homework is important to providing focus and success on school work outside of the classroom. To get your children excited about continuing their studying at home, turn to this stylish vinyl craft for delineate your dwelling.

10 . Organize Toys (and make room for school supplies)

Gear up for the library books and abundant school supplies, with a command center at home. Use vinyl shapes on cloth baskets in this tutorial to organize in such a clear way that even the kids might help pick up! With a place to put everything, there will be less chance for those school books to be misplaced.

These ten vinyl crafts for back to school will send your child off to class with exciting classroom supplies, customized style, and a clear mindset for a successful year!